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Hi I'm Allyson.
I write about religion. 

After years of practicing yoga and attending Christian churches, I questioned the impact of spirituality in daily life. In 2018, I began (formerly known as Bethel Yogi) to explore my interest in yoga as a spiritual practice. I am the managing director of Christians Practicing Yoga, a non-profit organization that honors the intersections of yoga philosophy and Christian theology.


When not writing or reading, I enjoy practicing aerial arts so much so that I once ran away with the circus. I have been called a cult leader by my friends because I have a degree in mass communication and religion (to be determined). My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is watch paranormal investigation shows while knitting.




Louisiana State University, May 2020 

B.A. Liberal Arts, Religious Studies

B.A.M.C. Mass Communication, Public Relations

Minor: Business Administration

Yale Divinity School, May 2022

M.A.R.c. Asian Religions


Georgetown University, currently enrolled

Ph.D. student, Theological and Religious Studies

here's what I write

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